Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Magic Shoes

I've had the same running shoes for entirely too long - I've loved them for about 3 years. Everytime I'd step out on the street or on the tredmill my knees would immediately start to hurt.  I decided to put the feelers out there on Facebook to see if anyone had any good shoe recommendations, they were all over the map, New Balance, Asics, Adidas, but then there was this one pair that had come up a few times... Mizuno's.  I'd never heard of them.  So since I couldn't decide between all the recommendations I had received. It was time to call in the big guns-Philadelphia Runner. This store is AMAZING! They fit you for the perfect shoe for your foot.  I figured if they couldn't give me the perfect pair, then I just wasn't destined to be a runner.  I'd just stick to Bikram Yoga at my favorite local studio - not a bad alternative since its my favorite form of exercise but unfortunately, I can't do it everywhere.   On a rainy afternoon, I went over to Philadelphia Runner and a very helpful girl fitted me and her first and only recommendation was for a pair of Mizunos!  The moment I put them on, I knew I'd fallin' in love. They were perfect, light, great arch support. I couldn't have asked for more.  She told me they were the best one's for my foot and said they would make me run like the wind.  I laughed and asked her if they were Magic Shoes! She said yes and that I would love them. And after my first run, I was hooked! No knee pain, blisters or new shoe discomfort, I fell into a great stride immediately.  The second time I wore them, I ran 3.5 miles at a 9:17min/mile pace.  This may be slow for some, but for me, this was running hard- but didn't realize my pace until after I finished- thanks to my Nike +ipod- which I'm also in love with! I'm usually a 10/10:30 min mile runner, so to run 9:17, I must have been bookin' it! But my Mizuno's left me feeling weightless and able to run like the wind.

So I've decided that Mizuno's might actually be Magic Shoes! I recommend them to all! Check out my pair below!

My recent favorite running pump up song- sometimes you just need to stick to the classics :)


  1. LOVE Philadelphia runner! Just got a great pair of Asics there, and crushed 8 miles in them last night. That store is the best - I only ever buy my sneaks from them. =)

  2. Thanks Elena! They are the best!!