Thursday, September 9, 2010

Digital Addiction

So, I was catching up on one of my favorite blogs: ...Seeks in the city and the latest entry got me thinking...Say NO to HBO?!?!! She has to be nuts- my best friend is honestly suggesting we go through a TV Detox in the midst of TrueBlood, Entourage, the end of baseball (Phillies are in first) and the start of College Football- GO VT! Actually, a TV detox would actually do me wonders. The amount of productivity that could flourish would be astonishing. But how do we just walk away from our favorite programs?  What would we contribute at the Monday morning water cooler converstation when everyone will inevitably bring up Saturday and Sunday's football games and all the great Sunday night programming? I know what I should do... I should say NO to HBO, but that seems almost impossible. What if I gave up TV during the work week?  Hey, my parents didn't let me watch TV on school nights as a kid, maybe I COULD do it again.  Stay tuned, pun intended, you might be getting a lot more blog entries with my new found time :)

Does Hulu count?

1 comment:

  1. Hulu counts, sucka!

    I know, I had to drag myself away from the tube tonight (Stomp the Yard was on again) and guess what? I cleaned the shower! Best believe I won't be Scrubbing Bubbles though when the season finale of TB airs. No more Eric Northman in his v-neck cashmere sweaters? SAY IT AIN'T SO. Best believe I WILL be staying tuned...