Friday, September 17, 2010

Operation No TV: FAIL

As an update, I have failed miserably with the idea of Say No to HBO.  I just don't think I'm a cold turkey quiter... However, I do think that I do NEED to tone down the amount of television I watch. So, I have started to do that.  But its hard with Modern Family coming back, Broadway Empire starting this Sunday (in replacement of TrueBlood & Entourage), & Its always Sunny in Philadelphia - started last night.  Right there, I just listed 3 nights of TV...not to mention VT football games, Phillies baseball (which are on almost every night), this just seems harder than I thought imaginable.  Maybe I need to just subscribe to Melanie's mentality- That she's not cutting out TV and she's fine with being a lesser person because of it. haha. You have to love Melanie's thought process- its so convenient!

I'll keep you posted, but most likely you'll just hear about how HILARIOUS Charlie is on Its Always Sunny- God, I love him in his battered thermals.

Happy Weekend!

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