Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kyle, Marisa, and Baby, OH MY!

My brother & Marisa had a baby last month, Connor McIntosh Hoyt, and I was lucky enough to go visit the clan down in Charleston, South Carolina this past weekend, exactly on Baby Boy Hoyt's 1 Month birthday.  And it was a blast!  It was great to see everyone, my parents came down as well, and spend sometime getting to know my newest nephew. 

It was quickly observed that I may have a knack for babies.  Whenever Connor would start to cry, I'd pick him up and he'd immediately seize all tears.  At first, we all thought this was beginners luck, but it went on all weekend.  I never knew I could love someone so much so instantaneously!  Connor is my 5th niece/nephew and I love them all with my whole heart.  But he was the first that I was able to see as an infant.  My work schedule lined up nicely with being able to go to Charleston this weekend- and for free! 

Here are some pictures of Connor from this weekend- Maybe you'll get a better idea of why I love him so much. 

After discovering my motherly nature, seeing Kyle & Marisa happy as can be as parents, and spending time playing with my nephew, I started to get this feeling deep within to have my own baby.  All I could think about was how someday it would be wonderful to have one of my very own.  I haven't had that real urge until now, but it got me excited about the future. 

That was until about 3am when I realized the feeling deep within was nothing more than indigestion...or at least that's what I'm telling myself. I think that buys me at least another 5 years. 

Current Track:  Since I missed him live in Philly & NYC, I felt this was only fitting 3 AM- Sean Hayes wish I could have been there with you Ali :)

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