Tuesday, May 18, 2010

April Showers bring May Flowers...or Rainboots?

Given the recent Monsoon like weather, I thought I'd take this moment to brag about my best investment of the year, along with my Mizuno's, my pair of Hunter Boots!  So, like many women out there, I have a "thing" for shoes.  Usually my obsession with shoes tends to be for ballet flats, heels, boots, shoes galore... but they tend to be on the less practical side and more showy.  Despite what people may think every pair has been worn :) Even though these are rainboots, which are usually generalized as frumpy, I have to say they are quite the contrary. These boots are not only made for walkin' they're comfortable and keep my feet completely dry during any kind of rain/snow storm, they are quite cute! They come in different heights and colors too- I decided to stick to the classic. Check them out, it's ok to be jealous of my hot rainboots...I'll allow it.

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