Monday, May 21, 2012

Big Ball of Stress

Work has been pretty intense lately with an overload of things to do and a ton of responsibility.  It's great that I'm entrusted with all this stuff, but at the same time, it's difficult to find that time during the day for myself.  It's especially hard when I travel.  I was recently away on a work trip for the past two weeks and I found it very difficult to find time for myself aka Yoga.   I tried to make time, but it was hard to do when you're in a different city and working 60 hours/week.  But I did try to find some time in the morning for my own personal practice.  Which brings me to my newest thought- how to take my practice off the mat and apply what I learn in Yoga to my day to day life.  I've noticed lately that when I'm stressed with work or with anything, it's very helpful and I can feel the benefits from when I take a Yoga class.  But what do I do when I can't always make it?  Sure, I do some Sun Saluations at home to help decompress after a long day or to kick off my day, but how do I take that serene feeling and focus that I learn on the mat, into my daily life?  I haven't quite figured it out yet, but I have started to do some breathing when I'm feeling overwhelmed and that seems to help. 

As for now, I turn to the mat to aid in the process. And boy did that help!  I was feeling sick, tired, stomach achy (all of which are signs/symptoms of stress) and finally was able to take a Yoga class over the weekend and low and behold- I no longer feels as sick, I'm not nearly as tired, and my stomach doesn't feel like it's twisted in knots anymore. 

This is how I felt when I was in Texas:

And this is how I felt after I took a Yoga class: (Yes, it's that simple)

When was the last time you took a yoga class?  


  1. You are reminding me I must get to yoga ASAP!
    Love that quote about the yoga pants :) and glad you were able to find a bit of extra time wile in Texas. Is there a studio there you can go to? Also, there are some great classes you can download and do while in a hotel room - not ideal but maybe good in a pinch while traveling?

  2. I can't wait to come visit and we can take a class together. Always brings a smile to my face :) There were a few studios, but it was hard to get to classes that fit in with work. Online classes are a great idea! Next time :)