Sunday, May 27, 2012

Little Things

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend.  Chris and I came down to Virginia for the weekend to celebrate a friends wedding last night.  It was a blast, a beautiful wedding for a very happy couple.  Happy Memorial Day!

My Instructor training Teacher, Lauren Foster, told us on our first weekend of training, that we'll never go to a Yoga class without thinking about it from a teacher's perspective.  Last week, I realized that she was 100% correct.   I've had a difficult time getting into Crow pose because I felt that I just lacked the upper arm strength, but in class recently, my teacher said one passing comment that has stuck with me and completely changed this pose for me.  He said the following "this pose is about core strength not arm strength"  I had an Ah-HA moment and pulled in my core and instantly I was in Crow. 

It just goes to show, as an instructor, and during your own practice, that it's the little corrections, movements, and comments that can completely change your students' and your own practice. My goal for everyone this week is to pay attention to the small cues your teacher tells you- it might be the exact thing you needed to get into the pose a little deeper and hold it a little longer. Namaste.

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