Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yoga Love

I decided to embark on a new and exciting adventure.  This past weekend, was my first week of Yoga Instructor Training.  By the end of August, I'll be a certified 200 Level Vinyasa Teacher and I couldn't be more excited about this very exciting and challenging time in my life.  I hope to share with you all my thoughts, feelings, bumps, bruises,  and above all my journey in Yoga.  I truly feel that this experience is going to change my practice as well as my life.  And I'm pleased to have a place to write down my thoughts. 

When I arrived at the studio on Friday night, I was nervous but above all very excited to start.  I was nervous because I haven't had a steady yoga practice for all that long so I'm not quite as advanced as some of the others in my training class.  But I didn't sign up so that I could be the most advanced and the best in the class, I did it so that I could expand MY practice, learn more about Yoga and the proper technique for each pose, and educate myself so that I can educate others on this amazing lifestyle called Yoga. 

I am very thankful to my friends, family, and Chris for all the support.  It was a tough decision because of the commitment and dedication necessary, and having everyones words of encouragement has meant the world to me.  It pushed me to take the plunge and just do it.   I know this is where I belong and I'm  so happy with my decision to make room in my life for the things that make me a better and happier person.  It's so easy to say that you don't have time for this and that, but at the end of the day, these things are the experience that enrich your life.  I've decided to take each day & class one at a time and not feel locked in to expectations, but rather experience the journey as a whole and see where I end up. Let's see where this takes me... 

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  1. Yay! You have a great attitude and are going to get so much out of teacher training - truly a life changing experience! Congratulations on taking the plunge!! xo